Bell Always is an alternative rock trio from Tel Aviv, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. 


The trio made up of Nir Tsfaty (vocals, synth), together with Alon Peretz (guitar) and Kobi Aroussi (drums), bases its music on the principles of minimalism.


The trio has evolved in intimate studio sessions in Tel Aviv - performances for small audiences by pre-registration, in which the listeners are scattered across the room. The absence of a border between the band and the audience creates a special connection, atmosphere and a strong musical experience among all those who are present.


The sound of Bell Always is influenced by different styles including British Alternative Rock, Kraut-Rock and Minimalism in classical and electronic music.

Their new album, Daylight Slowly Fades, written by Nir Tsfaty and co-produced with Aviv Meshulam, deals with themes such as unfulfilled love, solitude and emotional ambivalence.